Knowledge Base Articles

Manage Your Personal Settings

Familiarize yourself with user profile screen that allows you to change your password and other user parameters.

Manage Your Subscription and Billing

Familiarize yourself with payment information screen that allows you to change your billing details, subscription status, billing history, invoices, and upgrade/downgrade/cancellation of service.

Intermediate Topics

This section has help documents for slightly advanced users of AdPeriscope Adult Ads Spy Tool with moderate difficulty level.

Basic Keyword Search

This function allows you to perform a no-frills quick search on ad-titles using single keywords or short phrases.

Advanced Search - Part I - Text Search

Advanced searching functionality provides capabilities that cannot be achieved via simple searching and drop-down filters. It allows you to build a complex query to get the results you want.

Set Up Alerts

This incredible feature will allow you to keep an eye on your competition by receiving immediate notifications in your inbox.

Stash Your Favorites

What do you do when you come across a very good ad campaign and you want to revisit in the future? Just bookmark it as a favorite. We will store it for you.

Advanced Strategies

Now it is time to apply the features to improve your own campaign performance and have a leg up on your competitors. We will provide you with several strategies to get you started.