Basic Keyword Search

Basic Search Functionality

On the right hand top corner of the listing page, you will see a search box as shown below:

Just type a keyword or a short phrase to search for an ad. We perform an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scan on all the banner images to detect the text and the language. This is a fairly accurate scan so you can expect good results with your search.To initiate the search, you can either hit Enter key or click on the magnifying glass icon ().

Few important points related to this functionality:

  • This is a very basic search. For more control over your search, please refer to advanced searching
  • The order of the terms in the phrase is not important. For example, "red carpet" and "carpet red" yields the same results
  • Boolean operators such as "AND", "OR", "NOT" have no meaning here. They are literally parsed as search terms. For example, "skin and wrinkles" will yield ads containing all the 3 words i.e. "skin", "and" & "wrinkles"
  • Searching for domain names also works. For example, you can type "" to search for all the ads directing to that particular domain (there is no need to type "http", "www" etc.)
  • Keep your phrase length as minimum as possible to get broadest possible match.