Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Basic Keyword Search & Filters

Strategy in a Nutshell

Here we are going to primarily rely on the keywords to identify the ads we want. We will sort these ads by ad-strength(desc) and ad-gravity(desc). The first sorting order will give us ads that have done very well in the past and perhaps not doing too well in recent few weeks. The second sorting order will give us ads that are currently doing very well. (Read more: What is the primary difference between ad-strength and ad-gravity)


  1. Select the Ad-Strength (Desc) from the Sort By dropdown menu. This option will sort the ads by its strength with higher strength ads at the top of the page
  2. Type in a keyword associated with a particular niche in the search box at the top right hand corner. Hit enter key. Here are some keywords to get you started:
Niche Keywords
Male Enhancement size, penis, dick, cock, limp, pill, cream, sample, free, small
Adult Gaming free, play, porn, game, adult, cum, jerk
Adult Dating register, local, lonely, women, craigslist, view, pictures, classified,kijiji, mom
Bizopps millionaire, get rich, crazy rich, rich online, google millionaire
  1. You can now repeat the above steps by changing the sort order to Ad-Gravity (Desc) from the Sort By dropdown menu.

Please remember that we are not filtering the results by ad networks. So we are essentially searching for ads in all the available ad networks. This allows you to find ads that might have been missed using previous two strategies.